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The Built To Birth Preconception Course

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"I had in mind all of the positive messages you gave about being built to breastfeed and take care of the baby, and it was so much more blissful than the first time around with a newborn."

Roni S

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"The Built To Birth Course helped me so much during pregnancy and after. Whether about labor positions or breastfeeding it was so reassuring to refer back to even at the hospital. I cannot recommend it enough!"

Sophie B

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"I am currently on pregnancy #2 and studying the Built To Birth course for the 2nd time. It has been such a game changer to all things dealing with birth & postpartum. I am always telling all of my pregnant friends about it."

Amber C

Trying To Conceive?

With my own rocky start to pregnancy years ago, I wish I knew then what I know now. I felt confused, heart broken, and unheard. I don't want you to feel that way on your journey.

Preparing for your pregnancy journey is a foundational first step in having a happier, healthier, and easier road to and through pregnancy and into parenthood. Whether you're wanting to get pregnant ASAP or sometime in the future, this course is your resource to make that journey a more peaceful and connected one.

I'm confident that this preconception guide will launch you into discovering how to optimize your health to not only support pregnancy but thrive in every season now and forever!

What's Inside The Preconception Course?

2+ Hours of Research-Backed, Bite-Sized Lessons for a Happier, Healthier, & Easier Conception:

  • Your Fertility Hormones

  • What a Normal Period Should Look Like

  • Cycle Tracking

  • How to Nourish your Body for Conception

  • Troubleshooting Root Causes of Conception Challenges

  • How to Detox

  • Eating for Fertility

  • Conception Supplements

  • Fertility Mindset

  • Journal Prompts to Guide Your Journey

  • Connecting With Your Partner

  • How to Work Out and When for Fertility

  • Birth Control Recovery

  • Printable Resources

  • Downloadable Workbook

  • Fertility Guided Meditations (Coming Soon!)

Who Is This Course For?

This Preconception Guide is for any family ready for pregnancy.

Pregnancy might be on your mind and you’re wanting to optimize your health and body for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Maybe you’ve been trying long enough to make you wonder if some direction and support would be helpful.

Wherever you’re at this pregnancy journey, if pregnancy is on your mind, the Preconception Guide gives you a holistic and natural approach to fertility so you can take the information and resources and make decisions for a conscious, connected, and confident preconception period.

The Preconception Course

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Build Yourself Up for a Happier, Healthier, Easier Preconception Journey

Watch The First Lesson

Get Started Today!

Build Yourself Up for a Happier, Healthier, Easier Preconception Journey


Feeling Confident For Birth Yet?

You will.


Do I need childbirth education?

Research shows that parents who receive more childbirth education are more likely to have normal vaginal births, less likely to use an epidural during labor, less likely to have an induced labor. They also have an increase in confidence for labor and birth, increase birth satisfaction, increase likelihood of breastfeeding success, facilitate better communication between parents and their care providers, and lowers the need for pain medication in labor. If you’re feeling like you need some questions answered, you’re not all too sure about the birthing process or are lacking understanding on your options and rights as parents, the Built To Birth Online Childbirth Education Class prepares you to approach labor and birth confidently, equipped with information, tools, and resources for a happier, healthier, and easier birth.

Is this course only for parents who want an unmedicated birth?

The Built To Birth Online Class is designed to equip you with the building blocks necessary to create your own happier, healthier, and easier birth experience. You will learn about the common interventions that can occur in labor and the impact they have on the natural and normal process of birth. You are given the information and the tools to uncover what options and roads lead you to your personal best birth outcomes, whether that is an induced or spontaneous labor, an unmedicated or medicated labor, or a vaginal or cesarean birth. The Built To Birth Online Class is designed for ALL parents who desire an empowering birth experience!

I have no clue about birth at all. Is this an advanced course?

Yes and no - let me explain! The Built To Birth Online Class provides a hierarchy of information that parents start at the base of. Simple information is laid as the foundation and the more complex, yet crucial information is broken down into easy-to-understand lessons and lingo so that everything you learn compounds on what was learned before. Everything you learn sets you up to be prepared for an empowering and informed birth.

Many parents are unsure at best and terrified at worst about the impending due date. And worse, even with modern medicine, the trend of birth complications and interventions is rising. Built to Birth reminds you that your body is beautifully made to birth and clearly educates you on how you can have a positive birth experience so you can look back at your child's birth as empowering, beautiful, and confident-building as you step into the next beautiful journey of parenthood.

When should I take the course? Am I too far along?

Whether you are 3 months pregnant or 3 weeks away from birth, now is a great time to take major strides towards a happier, healthier, and easier birth. If you work through the course early on, it will give you ideas on how to navigate pregnancy to set you up for a more straight-forward labor and birth. As you get closer to your baby’s arrival, you can go back and get quick refreshers on the portions you need to be reminded of. The Built To Birth Online Class never expires! If you’re just weeks away from meeting your baby, the course will provide you with practical measures to take to prepare for birth and what to do during labor and all the content with be fresh in your mind! No matter what stage of pregnancy you are currently in, the more you know the less you fear, so it’s never too late to become empowered through education!

You can make some major strides towards a healthier, happier, easier birth in whatever stage you are in. If you’ve got a day or two to spare, then the Built To Birth Online Class is still a very suitable childbirth prep class to give you practical ways to encourage a progressing and positive labor and birth.

Can I use FSA or HSA to purchase Built To Birth Premium?

To use your FSA or HSA to purchase the Built To Birth Online Class, you will first need to buy the class using a personal non FSA/HSA card. Once purchased, you will submit the receipt of the Built To Birth Online Class that is sent to your email to your FSA/HSA Insurance provider.

How long is the course? Why is it this length?

Every minute counts in your busy schedule so I’ve worked hard to craft a class that makes use of every second. The Built To Birth Online Childbirth Education Class provides 8 hours of comprehensive and compact content for parents who want the most complete and most direct information to prepare for their birth. In order for childbirth education to be effective, parents need to learn the fundamentals which the Built To Birth Online Class provides, along with more information that helps parents not just survive childbirth, but thrive! Part 2 of the class which covers postpartum is an additional 8 hours of comprehensive, compact, and empowering content to help you enter parenthood with confidence. Part 1 and 2 combined is over 16 hours worth of valuable birth and postpartum content.

Should I take this with my birth partner?

If possible, yes! This class is designed with the birth team, specifically the partner, in mind. Partners learn labor positions, comfort measures, and more to help them become an active part of the birthing process in a productive and hands-on way.

Is Built To Birth Lamaze Certified?

Bridget Teyler is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. This course is designed around Lamaze’s 6 Healthy Birth Practices:

1 - Let labor begin on its own.

2 - Walk, move around and change position throughout labor.

3 - Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support.

4 - Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary.

5 - Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body's urges to push.

6 - Keep mother and baby together; it’s best for mother, baby and breastfeeding.

How long do I have access to this course?

The Built To Birth Courses provide parents with lifetime access and access to any future updates and additions that may be added.

I don't live in the United States. Will this course be valuable even though our health care practices are different?

Yes, the Built To Birth Online Class with be valuable to you if living outside of the United States. Much of the information is geared towards parents birthing in the US in a hospital setting, but much of what you learn are commonly used interventions worldwide, how to avoid them when they are unnecessary, and most importantly, how to trust your body’s ability to birth your baby and your baby’s natural instincts to be born, and that is universal!

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