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Find Your Flow State for Birth

Hypnobirthing Workshop + Guided Meditations for your Motherhood Journey



"These meditations helped keep my mind in the best place throughout labor. It was amazing!"


Prepare Your Mind

Your Mind Is Your Greatest Friend or Foe

Your body knows how to give birth, it's often the mind that gets in the way.

Learn how to best use your mind to lead your body in the direction you want it to go with the Built To Birth Hypnobirthing Workshop + Guided Meditation Albums.

Where The Mind Leads,

The Body Follows

Calm Mind

Stop fighting against labor and stay in your flow state to support positive labor progress

Relaxed Body

Avoid spiraling into fear, tension & pain and instead trust, relax & allow birth to unfold

Friendly Guidance

Let Bridget's familiar voice gently guide, calm, remind & encourage you through birth

hypnobirthing bundle Includes

Find Your Flow State

  • All 4 Built To Birth Meditation Albums (MP3 Downloads)

    • Vol. I - Pregnancy-Postpartum

    • Vol. II - Pregnancy

    • Vol. III - Labor & Birth

    • Vol. IV - Postpartum

  • BONUS 45-Minute Hypnobirthing Workshop - Learn how to best use the Built To Birth Guided Meditations


Loved by Mamas Just Like You


"The Best Tools

I was able to have such a healing birth experience this time around. I listened to your meditations the entire time, from early labor to pushing. It was seriously the best tool to help me cope and stay focused and calm. I cry thinking about how grateful I feel to have found you.



"Complete Game-Changers

I listened to these EVERY DAY leading up to my daughter's birth. My favorite of all - 'My body creates my contractions. It cannot create what I cannot handle.' This one line carried me through a natural, unmedicated vaginal birth.



"Incredibly Helpful"

The meditations helped me so much to get into the right brain space. I was able to breath through my contractions and have the unmedicated, empowering birth that I dreamed of! I can't express enough gratitude to you. Thank you!


built to birth

Hypnobirthing Workshop & Albums

The Built To Birth Guided Meditation Albums + Bonus Hypnobirthing Workshop

Here's what you get:

  • All 4 Built To Birth Meditation Albums

    • Vol. I - Pregnancy-Postpartum

    • Vol. II - Pregnancy

    • Vol. III - Labor & Birth

    • Vol. IV - Postpartum

  • BONUS Hypnobirthing Workshop + Workbook

  • Lifetime Access with No Recurring Fees

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"I know you weren't actually present during my birth but hearing your voice anchored me in a place of confidence and peace."


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Meet Bridget

Bring Me With You To Your Birth

I was a doula before a childbirth educator. I honestly wish I could be at your birth! That is why I created The Built To Birth Hypnobirthing albums.

I can be a comforting and familiar voice with you from early labor through the birth of your baby, speaking confidence, truth, and empowerment that you are built to birth.

Download The Built To Birth Meditation Albums and take me with you wherever, whenever!

  • Lamaze Childbirth Educator

  • DONA Certified Doula

  • Mother of 3

Prepare Your Mind For Birth

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Get lifetime access to the hypnobirthing albums & workshop

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Watch the workshop from home & download the albums to listen anytime, anywhere

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Find Your Flow State

Lead your body in the direction you want it to go through birth

built to birth

Hypnobirthing Albums

hypnobirthing class online meditation hypnobirth albums


Pregnancy - Postpartum

1. Finding My Deep Breath Meditation (8:50)

2. Fear Cleansing Birth Affirmation Meditation (16:29)

3. Connecting To My Body Meditation (15:33)

4. Positive Pregnant Body Affirmations (8:01)

5. 5 Minute Meditation For A Busy Day (5:37)

6. Connecting To My Baby In The Womb (5:54)

7. Optimal Baby Positioning Affirmation Meditation (5:51)

8. Naturally Inducing Labor Meditation (10:15)

9. Calm Early Labor Meditation (13:41)

10. Powerful Active Labor Meditation (18:37)

11. Breathing My Baby Out Meditation (12:43)

12. Connecting To My Baby Outside The Womb (6:37)

13. Relaxed + Positive Breastfeeding Affirmations (6:38)

hypnobirthing class online meditation hypnobirth albums



1. Calm Morning for a Productive Day (9:37)

2. Affirmations to Ease Morning Sickness (10:48)

3. Affirmations for Loving Your Pregnant Self (8:02)

4. Fear Clearing Affirmation (12:49)

5. River of Peace - Washing Away Your Anxious Thoughts (18:28)

6. Connecting To Your Baby In the Womb (9:14)

7. Finding Your Deep Breath (8:43)

8. Visualizing Your Positive Birth (12:55)

9. Positioning Baby in the Womb Affirmation (11:01)

10. Inducing Labor Meditation (15:03)

hypnobirthing class online meditation hypnobirth albums


Labor & Birth

1. Body Trust Affirmation Meditation (12:35)

2. Early Labor Rest Meditation (18:39)

3. Birth Waves Meditation (15:10)

4. Finding Peace in Labor Affirmation Meditation (16:22)

5. Envisioning Baby's Journey (10:34)

6. Powerful Active Labor Meditation (22:53)

7. Present In This Moment Meditation (11:07)

8. Visualization Meditation (9:02)

9. Wisdom, Power, Strength Affirmation Meditation (12:49)

10. Peaceful Birth Affirmation Meditation (15:59)

Bonus - Breathing Through Surges (2:28)

hypnobirthing class online meditation hypnobirth albums



1. 5 Minutes of Setting Daily Intentions (5:20)

2. Bonding with Baby Affirmations (11:12)

3. Powerful Postpartum Body Image Affirmations (11:20)

4. Relationship Strengthening Affirmation Meditation (15:36)

5. De-Stress Affirmation Meditation (12:55)

6. Breastfeeding Affirmation Meditation (11:50)

7. Pumping Affirmation Meditation (14:01)

8. Combating Self-Doubt (10:45)

9. Self Care Affirmation Meditation (12:29)

10. Affirmation Meditation To Fall Asleep (16:05)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the program for someone as a gift?

Yes! This is an amazing gift for expecting parents and signing them up is easy! During checkout, pay with your own card but fill in their name and email address. Upon payment, they will immediately receive an email containing their log in credentials, so sign them up when you want them to receive your gift!

What is your refund policy?

If you don't love what you bought, you're covered by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Just email me at bridget@builttobirth.com within 30 days of purchase for a full refund no questions asked. With less than a 2% refund rate, I'm confident you will love your purchase just like thousands of other parents!


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